Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey Girl. Feel Good About Today.

If you had told me twelve years ago that the actor who played Alan in Remember the Titans would end up starring in the dreams of women all over the world, I might have laughed a little at the thought. Although at twelve years old, I thought Ryan Gosling was cute, it was more in a goofy sort of way. (Think cruel and unusual punishment!) Somewhere in-between watching Ryan dance to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and seeing him wear those suits in Crazy Stupid Love, I melted away with the rest of the "I Heart Ryan Gosling Club."

About a year ago, I was searching for something on google, and I came across a teacher's blog. She had posted all of these "Hey Girl" memes of Ryan Gosling. I have to admit that I had never seen one of those before. I started cracking up reading the funny but ridiculous things Ryan was "saying." If I was having an "off" day, I would google those memes to cheer myself up. Apparently, there is a "Hey Girl" meme for everyone. Feminists, teachers, artists, and even Christians. That last category is truly outrageous (and does not just feature Ryan Gosling)!
Since then, I will sometimes see a statement and automatically attach "Hey Girl" to it. For example, last week I was given a piece of Dove chocolate. The Dove "promise" said, "Feel good about today." But I read, "Hey Girl. Feel good about today" as if Ryan were encouraging me. Silly? Perhaps. I don't mind though. Sometimes, you just need the affirmation.

After reading that Dove promise, if I am stressed or having a less than perfect day, I will think to myself (or look in the front of my planner where I attached that Dove wrapper), "Hey Girl, Feel good about today."