Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Impressionable First Day of History 133

I think this semester is going to be interesting. Having taken most of my required classes, I am now enjoying electives. I call them the Sunday drive classes (as of two seconds ago), and I aim to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the "ride."

One of my professors has already proven to be hilarious, something that I know helps me get through the hour. Apparently, it also helps him. :D Yesterday, we had the basic introduction class, sharing our names and their meanings. Surprisingly, over half of the class didn't even know what their name meant. I've known the meaning of my name since I was in fourth grade. I even know the meanings of the names of my future kids. (Granted, I've been called obsessed before.It comes with the territory, I suppose.)

My professor is from Sweden, as is his name. Calling on us to guess the meaning, and getting no response whatsoever, he informed us that the first part means "thunder" or "god of thunder" as in Thor. (See picture, above right.) The second part means "bear," creating the meaning...God of thunder bear! He is allowing us to call him Dr. God of thunder bear.

Dr. God of thunder bear called attendance: "Daniel."
Daniel: "Here, but I go by Danny."
Dr. GoTB: "Yes, but one day you will go by Daniel again."
Danny: "Um, okay."
Dr. GoTB: "No, when you have a job interview you will."
Danny: "Probably not, but okay."
Dr. GoTB: "I had this friend Bobby, who wasn't getting hired, so I told him he couldn't go by Bobby. He needed to go by Robert. He introduced himself as Robert, and he got the job!"
Danny: "Okay, I will tell them my name is Robert then."

Come to find out, we have a Bobby in our class...oops.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Setting a Goal...

I haven't written in a long time...on here, that is. Life has kept me busy in the past year. However, that is about to change. I am going to set a goal of writing so many times a week, just to keep in the habit of writing. Along with the normal blogging, I am hoping to start a book review system that a friend of mine wrote a blog about where I can read a book (sent to me for free) as long as I review it on here when I finish. Not too shabby, I'd say!

My number one goal of writing is to think thoughts "out loud" (or in this case, online) instead of just talking to myself while grocery shopping or browsing books and movies. I'm excited and can't wait to see what comes of this new endeavor. :)

Until I write again! (You didn't think I'd start today, did you?)