Monday, November 29, 2010

"A Really Kindred Spirit"

"A bosom friend -- an intimate friend, you know -- a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul. I've dreamed of meeting her all my life. I never really supposed I would, but so many of my loveliest dreams have come true all at once that perhaps this one will too. Do you think it's possible?" ~Anne of Green Gables
I know that I do not post blogs regularly. I rarely have anything of great import to post. I even slacked when I was in Europe. Today, however, I have something impressed upon my heart: thankfulness. I know, I know. Thanksgiving was last week. That doesn't matter to me though. I will always be thankful for something, and right now I am thankful for my kindred spirit, Serenity.

I would not even know what a kindred spirit was if it were not for Serenity. She introduced me to the Anne of Green Gables series when I was thirteen years old. I read the books, all eight of them, because she liked them...and I liked her. I wanted to be just like her, and if she loved Anne so much, I wanted to see why. I was immediately sucked into Avonlea and the characters' lives, connecting with Anne as if she were a long lost friend. When I finished the series, I was devastated. There had to be more than this! (It turns out there was, but it was just published in 2009: The Blythes Are Quoted.)

I don't remember quite when I realized that Serenity was a kindred spirit. I think I always felt the connection, that strong tie that binds you to a person, but I never said it until I was a freshman in college. Once I was out of high school, the unseen barrier that divides the child from the adult was removed, and I could comfortably say, "I think you will always be my kindred spirit." (Something I did say in an email that I still have to this day.)

Having a kindred spirit, I have learned, is a beautiful thing. Not only do you never run out of things to talk about or have several common interests, but you always feel loved and cherished by someone no matter what. I don't know how many times Serenity has offered her support and love. So often I wanted the chance to do the same in return. I wish I could write a song about this as easily as Taylor Swift does or write a poem describing exactly how much Serenity means to me. Instead, I will use modern technology to shout to the world how amazing she is, how beautiful she is, both inside and out. I will tell everyone when I talk about her that her positive attitude, even when life is handing her lemons, her strength, her bravery far exceeds my own and most other people I know. I will do my best to describe the light that shines out of her smile, her laughter, and her eyes when you are with her, and you can't help but be affected. I feel a deep pride in saying, "Seren is my friend, my kindred spirit."