Wednesday, June 20, 2012

She's Having a Baby

I recently traveled back to Missouri to be in a friend's wedding. I was there over Mother's Day weekend, and on the day of the rehearsal dinner, my sister was insistent that my entire family be present when she and her husband gave Mom her gift. I was rushing to get everything done and kept saying I did not need to be there but Katie would not let me out of it.

Finally, she came to my room and said they were going to give Mom her present. Noticing a onesie on my bed that I had bought for someone, Katie oohed and aahed over it, asking me if she could have it. I told her jokingly, "If you give me a niece or nephew right now, it's all yours!"Laughing, we left my room and joined the rest of the family. 

We were all seated in the living room in our normal any-holiday-that-includes-gifts fashion. You know, where everyone is sitting waiting for the recipient of the gift to open it and making small talk in the meantime. At least that's how our gift-giving usually goes!  Katie and AJ handed Mom her gift. Mom pulled away the paper and there it was. The evidence that all of our lives were about to change forever. In the form of a book.

We all sat in silence for a second before the meaning behind the book registered in my mind. I jumped up and squealed, "Are you serious?!" and burst into the happiest tears I've ever felt in my life thus far. Dad and my brother, Zack, had not seen the cover yet and were a little confused until Mom let out her own squeal of "She's pregnant!" 

I can tell you that I have thought of that moment many times over the years, what it would be like when Katie makes the announcement that little ones are going to join our family soon, or even if Zack or myself would be the first to introduce our family to the wonder that is grandparenthood/aunthood and unclehood. When I laid eyes on that book cover, however, and then looked at my sister who had this joy and even slightly nervous look on her face, all of the ways I played that moment in my mind before vanished. In its place was an inexplicable happiness that I am going to be an aunt.

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law sent me a picture of the ultrasound. When it downloaded to my phone and I opened it, I just stared at the little baby taking shape in my sister. My heart swelled with love for that baby, and I honestly felt emotions at such a level I did not know existed. My love for him/her is already overwhelming, and I can't imagine what it will be like to meet that precious little baby. I do know that I will be one of the best aunts that baby could ever hope for, with lots of spoiling, I'm sure!