Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Rambling, Anecdote, and Thought

I should be doing homework right now, but I am here instead creating blog. That's okay though. I find that I work better under pressure, meaning the night before (or morning of). Not healthy but definitely habitual :)

Sitting here, listening to Kate laugh, I reminded of the simple things in life that make me happy. I love laughing, I love friends, and I love simplicity. Oh, and Kate. I do love Kate.

I suppose in my first blog I should add an anecdote from my life. I work at the YMCA in the after school program, and it while it is hard work, I really do like it. There is this one boy who constantly back talks and gives the staff the worst time. He is normally one of my least favorite of the kids (is it bad to think that?), mainly because of his attitude. On one of the hard days, I had just gotten onto him, and he argued (again). I just walked away from him even though he mumbled something under his breath.

As I was leaving the Y that day, he handed me a piece of paper. It read, "Dear Nicke, I am sorry that I called you a bad name. It will not happen again. D****** (his name)" I looked at my boss, and said, "I didn't hear him call me a name!" to which she replied, "But I did." Apparently, she was standing there when he mumbled something. I asked, with trepidation what he called me, and found out it was "stupid." Somehow I felt better after that :)

I thought he didn't like me after that, but I went to the business expo this weekend, and he was there. He saw me and gave me the biggest smile, even going so far as to hold a conversation with me. I then knew there was hope. He liked me and we would do fine at the Y.

It was an accomplishment, although a small one, because if I am friends with him, the others are (mostly) a piece of cake! It is a perfect example of the non-grudge holding young ones that are so ready to move on and forget old issues that really don't matter.

So here lies my first post. Of course it is long, and perhaps boring. But it is not the blog's fault. And beauty (or interest) lies in the eye of the beholder :)