Monday, December 14, 2009

The Sky is Falling?

It is the third week of December already! Enter Finals Week. A week later than usual, and I have been busy studying. Today, I had two finals. Both were in-class essays. One was in World Literature and the other was in World History. World literature required writing four essays in a two hour period, with each being at least a page and a half. The second final had a broad question that pretty much encompassed everything I had learned.

Yesterday, I studied until my brain literally shut down. I could no longer make connections with concepts or brainstorm ideas for the essays. Rather stressed, I went to bed for a few hours of sleep before getting up to study some more.

I dream a lot about random things that don't make sense. My dreams are usually pretty vivid, and I remember them easily. Last night was no exception. I had a dream that I was with a few people (Mom, sister, a couple of cousins) and we were driving on this country road. I looked out the window and saw Earth. I'm not sure how that worked since we are on Earth, but there it was, and it started rotating around and around, going over the car, under the Earth I was on, and coming back on the other side.

All of a sudden, we were no longer in the car, and the Earth turned out to be a huge inflatable but heavy globe. I came to the conclusion that someone had shot it up into the air from "over that way" and it kept bouncing on its own. Before I knew it, the globe was bouncing on us, and I yelled out that we needed to run away from it. I looked up, and it covered the sun, before coming back down and almost landing on me. I woke up then, a little freaked out.

I thought about this dream on the way to my final this morning, and I realized what brought it about. My two finals, both in world classes (lit and history). Somehow, in the dark recesses of my mind, my finals had crawled into my dreams, causing a severe pounding that left me with lots of fear and insecurity. The world was a symbol of the powerful two essays trying to kill me.

I took those two finals today, and I think I may have conquered them. You don't win today, World.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Greatest "Pirate" Story Ever Told

It isn't the best picture, but this is the cover of my new children's storybook. It is an idea that has been developing the past year with two of the kids that I baby-sit.
Whenever the kids are ready for bed, we "sail the seven seas" as pirates, a game that stems from my days as a pirate on the Kingdom Kids crew. (Kingdom Kids is my church's children's church program.) As we created new adventures, the kids expressed the desire to write our stories down.
The youngest, who is seven, asked me last night if I would publish this and asked how many copies I thought I would make.  :)
Hopefully, there will be more to the story in the weeks to come. Although it is not an easy topic for me to tackle, it has been mostly effortless up to this point. I love our pirate names (Nameless Hilary, Mischevous Witty, and One-Eyed Pete), and I think our adventures will be grand. I believe that this is to become a series in which a different storyline will be inserted where "pirate" is right now. (The Greatest "Ninja" Story Ever Told...yeah right....The Greatest "Hot Air Balloon" Story Ever Told)

Speaking of the children I baby-sit, I am hoping to write a book someday about my baby-sitting years (specifically this family of seven years). You wouldn't believe what I've been through! It has been such an adventure, to be sure. :P

As always, there are other topics to discuss, but I will save them for another day.

So long my two viewers! ;)